Postes 2023/Postes 2024/Open positions

Postes 2023/Postes  2024/Open positions


Congratulations to our new colleagues, laureates of the 2023 campaign:

Stéphane Abide, Vladimiro Benedetti, Khazhgali Kozhasov, Yassine Laguel, Thomas Rey, Radomyra Shevchenko

We also welcome Isabelle Tristani, arriving as CNRS researcher, and Jonathan Stephano, arriving as UniCA engineer.



For the academic year 2024, a PRAG position is open in mathematics. Applications should be made though the plateform GALAXIE before Oct. 31. Contacts:,

The following positions will be officially open soon for  the 2024 campaign:

  • Professor Analysis, Geometry, Dynamics
This recruitment operation aims to strengthen the fundamental research potential of LJAD 
at Professor level, with a profile primarily oriented towards classical analysis, 
geometry and dynamic systems. The targeted profile covers complex analysis and geometry, 
harmonic analysis, analysis of PDEs for geometry, contributions of analysis to geometric 
group theory and topological geometry, symplectic geometry, differential geometry, 
Riemannian and sub-Riemannian geometry, geometric control, geometric measurement theory, 
Hamiltonian dynamics, ergodic theory, calculus of variations and optimal transport.
 The ability to animate a scientific theme carried by mathematical analysis and to 
create connections between these different subjects or with applications, 
for example with the computational issues of geometry, neuroscience or physics, 
could be elements of the selection.
An exceptional application relating more to algebraic aspects may be considered.
It is expected that the recruited person will invest in doctoral training, 
contribute to the attractiveness of the site at M and D levels, particularly 
in terms of international visibility, project management and integration into national 
research networks and international, and can take on responsibilities within the establishment.


  • Professor Partial Differential Equations, Probability
This recruitment operation aims to strengthen LJAD’s fundamental research potential at Pr level.
 The targeted profile covers the entire spectrum of PDE and probability analysis. 
The ability to lead a community and strengthen the attractiveness of doctoral training 
will be important elements of the selection process. The profile is clearly oriented towards
 fundamental aspects, but interest in developing collaborations on application or digital issues, 
or even multidisciplinary interactions, will also be an element of appreciation.


Preliminary contacts can be initiated by contacting or


Distinguished postdoc fellowships:

The J. A. Dieudonné research unit wishes to offer post-doctoral positions. Appointed fellows will hold a one year position, with a possible renewal subjected to a scientific evaluation at the end of the first year.

Positions are open to holders of a doctorate in mathematics. Laureates of this program must have defended their PhD thesis before the beginning of the post-doctoral contract and not before September 2021. Those who defended their PhD thesis in a University Côte d'Azur research unit are not eligible. The program is open to all disciplines of mathematics. The criteria for selection are scientific excellence and quality of the scientific project. The project should be supported by a member of the J. A. Dieudonné laboratory, or a group of researchers, who will be committed to mentor the postodoctoral fellow. Moreover, the mentor(s) engages to prepare a response to a selective call (ERC, European program, ANR, UCA...). The advancement of this project will be also part of the evaluation at the end of the first year. Each post-doctoral fellow will sign a "Contrat de travail", will receive a net salary of € 2,200.00 per month and will benefit from health and welfare insurance. Fellows will contribute to the scientific activities of the laboratory, particularly with regard to seminars and working groups.

How to apply: Preliminary contacts can be initiated by contacting or