The workshop

On the occasion of Luca Reggio's PhD defence, a one-day workshop sponsored by the ERC project DuaLL will be held at Paris 7 on Tuesday, September 11.
The PhD defence will take place on Monday, September 10 at 14.00 in Amphi Turing (see the section Venue & local info below); anyone is welcome to attend.



9.30: Sam van Gool, Model-completeness and automata
10.30 — 11.00: Coffee break
11.00: Samson Abramsky, Relating Structure to Power:
back and forth between finite model theory and categorical semantics

12.00 — 14.00: Lunch

14.00: Paul-André Melliès, Template games: a bicategorical and interactive interpretation of linear logic (abstract)

15.00 — 15.30: Coffee break
15.30: Célia Borlido, Stone duality and the Substitution Principle


Venue & local info

The workshop will take place in the Amphithéâtre Turing, in the building "Sophie Germain" of the university Paris 7 (Paris Diderot). HERE is a link to the location in Google Maps.