Harmonic maps and rigidity

April 6th to 14th 2019

Organizers: Alexis Gilles, Nicolas Tholozan, Jérémy Toulisse.

The goal of this workshop will be to understand the different phenomena of rigidity arising in the study of harmonic maps between differentiable manifolds, and their consequences in terms of rigidity of representations of their fundamental groups.

Each participant will give a 2h30 lecture on a topic that will be assigned before the workshop. This workshop is based on the previous Log Cabin workshop organized thanks to the GEAR network. It will be held in a big cabin in Sisteron.

Scientific Program:

  • Generalities on harmonic maps (Daniele Anlessandrini)
  • Coherent sheaves on complex manifolds (Florent Schaffhauser)
  • Arithmetic lattices (Ana Peon)
  • Superrigidity via harmonic maps (Qiongling Li)
  • p-adic Lie groups and their Bruhat-Tits buildings (Thibault Delcroix)
  • Harmonic maps into buildings and p-adic superrigidity (Andy Sanders)
  • Arithmeticity of lattices (Florestan Martin-Baillon)
  • Harmonic maps and Kähler geometry (Brice Loustau)
  • Stability and Hermite-Einstein metrics (Pengfei Huang)
  • Non-Abelian Hodge correspondance (Yohan Brunebarbe)
  • Rigidity of maximal representations (Sélim Ghazouani)
  • Application to the description of Kähler groups (Jérémy Daniel)
  • Participants:

  • Daniele Alessandrini
  • Yohan Brunebarbe
  • Jérémy Daniel
  • Thibault Delcroix
  • Sélim Ghazouani
  • Alexis Gilles
  • Pengfei Huang
  • Qiongling Li
  • Brice Loustau
  • Florestan Martin-Baillon
  • Michael Paiola
  • Ana Peón-Nieto
  • Andy Sanders
  • Florent Schaffhauser
  • Nicolas Tholozan
  • Jérémy Toulisse