Conference "Submanifolds of locally symmetric spaces: geometric, analytic and dynamical aspects"

April 15th to April 19th 2024 - l'Escandille, Autrans, France.

Organizers: François Fillastre, Daniel Monclair Andrea Seppi, Nicolas Tholozan and Jérémy Toulisse.

Registration is free, but mandatory, and should be done on the official website here


  • Nguyen-Thi Dang - Dynamics of the Weyl chamber flow (over a higher rank locally symmetric space)
  • Qiongling Li - Higgs bundle and minimal surfaces in non-compact symmetric space
  • James Farre - Convex pleated surfaces
  • Bram Petri - Probabilistic methods in hyperbolic geometry
  • Speakers:

  • Christian El Emam
  • Xenia Flamm
  • Hans Han
  • Will Hide
  • Filippo Mazzoli
  • Ognjen Tošić
  • Gabriele Viaggi
  • Ruojing Zhang
  • David Zheng-Xu
  • This workshop is funded by

    - The ANR JCJC "GAPR"

    - The IUF of François Labourie"