Workshop on "Minimal surfaces in symmetric spaces and Labourie's conjecture"

August 22nd to August 27th 2022 - l'Escandille, Autrans, France.

Organizers: Beatrice Pozzetti, Andrea Seppi, and Jérémy Toulisse.

This workshop is intended for young researchers.

The goal is to study Labourie's conjecture which gives a link between representations of surfaces groups and equivariant minimal surfaces in symmetric spaces.

Each speaker will give a 2.5 hour lecture on a topic that will be assigned before the workshop. This format is based on the Log Cabin workshops of the GEAR network.

List of the talks:

  • Introduction to minimal surfaces and harmonic maps
  • Speaker: Filippo Mazzoli

  • Higher Teichmüller spaces and Labourie’s conjecture
  • Speaker: Nathaniel Sagman

  • Quasi-Fuchsian manifolds
  • Speaker: Diptaishik Choudhury

  • Markovic’s counter-example
  • Speaker: Samuel Bronstein

  • Affine spheres
  • Speaker: Alex Moriani

  • Constant curvature surfaces in Minkowski space
  • Speaker: Farid Diaf

  • Maximal surfaces in anti-de Sitter space
  • Speaker:Enrico Trebeschi

  • Maximal representations in rank 2
  • Speaker: Colin Davalo

  • Cyclic surfaces
  • Speaker: Dai Xian

    The precise content of the talks can be found here.


    Samuel Bronstein

    Diptaishik Choudhury

    Colin Davalo

    Farid Diaf

    Christian El Emam

    Parker Evans

    Viola Giovannini

    Frieder Jäckel

    Ben Lowe

    Filippo Mazzoli

    Abderrahim Mesbah

    Alex Moriani

    Alex Nolte

    Ulysse Remfort

    Nathaniel Sagman

    Susanne Schlich

    Manh Tien Nguyen

    Enrico Trebeschi

    Ognjen Tosic

    Gabriele Viaggi

    Dai Xian

    Mengxue Yang

    This workshop is funded by

    - The "Persyval-Lab" of the University Grenobles Alpes.

    - The University of Luxembourg.

    - The project "Jeunes Géomètres".

    - SPP 2026 Geometry at infinity.

    - SPP 2026 "Geometry at Infinity"