Workshop on Anosov representations

August 29th to September 4th 2021 - Centre Paul Langevin, Aussois, France.

Organizers: Fanny Kassel, Andrea Seppi, and Jérémy Toulisse.

This workshop is intended for young researchers.

The goal is to study various geometric and dynamical aspects of Anosov representations of word hyperbolic groups into semisimple Lie groups.

Each speaker will give a 2.5 hour lecture on a topic that will be assigned before the workshop. This format is based on the Log Cabin workshops of the GEAR network.

List of the talks:

  • Introduction to higher Teichmüller theory
  • Speaker: Max Riestenberg

  • Anosov representations: definition and first characterizations
  • Speaker: Konstantinos Tsouvalas

  • Anosov representations and uniform domination
  • Speaker: Suzanne Schlich

  • Anosov representations and H^{p,q}-convex cocompactness
  • Speaker: Pallavi Panda

  • Anosov representations and strong projective convex cocompactness
  • Speaker: Balthazar Fléchelles

  • Examples of Anosov representations using Coxeter groups
  • Speaker: Jacques Audibert

  • Cocompact domains of discontinuity I
  • Speaker: Rym Smai

  • Cocompact domains of discontinuity II
  • Speaker: Pierre-Louis Blayac

  • The pressure metric
  • Speaker: Dai Xian

  • The relatively hyperbolic case
  • Speaker: Teddy Weisman

    The precise content of the talks can be found here.


    Jacques Audibert

    Pierre-Louis Blayac

    Samuel Bronstein

    Fernando Camacho Cadenas

    Colin Davalo

    Farid Diaf

    Xenia Flamm

    Balthazar Fléchelles

    Marta Magnani

    Arnaud Maret

    Alex Moriani

    Pallavi Panda

    Max Riestenberg

    Suzanne Schlich

    Rym Smai

    Ilia Smilga

    Kostas Tsouvalas

    Enrico Trebeschi

    Teddy Weisman

    Dai Xian

    Neza Zager-Korenjack

    Feng Zhu

    This workshop is funded by

    - The European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (ERC starting grant DiGGeS, grant agreement No 715982).

    - The "Persyval-Lab" of the University Grenobles Alpes.

    - The project "Jeunes Géomètres".