Meeting of the ANR ADYCT
(Aléatoire, Dynamique et Spectre)
September 28th and 29th 2023
The fifth meeting of the ANR ADYCT will take place in the Laboratoire J.A. Dieudonné, in Nice (Campus Valrose).

How to get there?

From your hotel, you can walk (about 30 minutes if you are at the hôtel Vendôme) or take the tram: the Valrose campus is close to the Valrose tram station.
You will have to give your name at the entrance of the campus. On the campus there will be signs indicating where the laboratoire J.A. Dieudonné is. The meeting will take place in the conference room, right in front of the entrance of the Dieudonné building.



Indicative schedule

Thursday September 28th

Time Speaker Title
9h00-10h00 Michele Ancona Metric and spectral aspects of random plane curves
10h00-10h20 Coffee
10h20-11h20 Damien Gayet TBA
11h20-12h20 Antoine Prouff Observability of the Schrödinger equation with confining potential
12h20-14h Lunch
14h-15h Radomyra Shevchenko Level sets of random spherical needlets
15h-16h Cyril letrouit Maximal multiplicity of Laplacian eigenvalues in negatively curved surfaces
16h-16h30 Coffee
19h30 Conference dinner at Lou Fran Calin

Friday September 29th

Time Speaker Title
9h30-10h30 Alba Garcia-Ruiz High-energy eigenfunctions and inverse localization
10h30-11h Coffee
11h-12h Frederic Faure Wave packet transforms and microlocal analysis for Anosov geodesic flow
12h30-14h00 Lunch
End of the Meeting

The abstracts can be found here.