Chaire Montel 2018: Ian Agol, May 14th - June 9th.

Ian Agol will be visiting Laboratoire J.A. Dieudonné de l'Université de Nice, May 14th - June 9th, 2018, and during his visit will be giving:

  • A colloquium on Monday May 28th: 'Coloring maps on surfaces'.
  • A series of 4 courses on the topic Chromatic polynomials and algebra (see abstract below) Thursday May 31st, Friday June 1st, Thursday June 7 and Friday June 8th at 10am in the seminar room.

    Chromatic polynomials and algebra

    Abstract: We'll discuss certain algebras associated to graph coloring problems, and how they are related to the Temperley-Lieb and Birman-Murakami-Wenzl algebras. We'll use these to prove various identities and inequalities for chromatic polynomials of planar triangulations, expressed in dual form in terms of the flow polynomial of planar cubic graphs. Then we'll speculate on how these might extend to arbitrary cubic graphs.
    The course will be accessible to graduate students and advanced master students in pure math as it will require only minimal background in topology and algebra.

    People interested in spending some time in Nice at that occasion should contact Indira Chatterji with an estimate of the costs.

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