Algebraic Geometry Genova-Nice-Torino

Algebraic Geometry Genova-Nice-Torino

Nice, 18-19 January 2016
Salle de conférences, LJAD

Program: Monday 18 January

14:00-14:50 A. Beauville: The Chow ring of hyperkähler manifolds

15:00-15:50 D. Faenzi: Triple planes with $p_g=q=0$.

Coffee break

16:20 -17:10 M. E. Rossi: A constructive approach for d-dimensional Gorenstein k-algebras via Macaulays Inverse System

17:20-18:10 A. Dimca: On free projective hypersurfaces

Tuesday 19 January

9:15-10:05 C. Bertone: Quasi-stable ideals, marked families and Hilbert schemes

Coffee break

10:30-11:20 M. Penegini: Characterization of the 5-canonical birationality of algebraic threefolds with $p_g = 3$

11:30-12:20 C. Casagrande: On the birational geometry of Fano 4-folds with large second Betti number

Organisateurs : Alexandru Dimca, email : dimca AT
Andreas Höring, email : hoering AT