Algebraic Geometry Genova-Nice-Torino

Algebraic Geometry Genova-Nice-Torino

Nice, 9-10 January 2020
Salle de conférences, LJAD

Program: Thursday, January 9

14:30-15:20 Michele Rossi (Torino) An extension of polar duality of toric varieties and its consequences in Mirror Symmetry

Coffee break

15:50-16:40 Arvid Perego (Genova) Kobayashi-Hitchin correspondence for twisted vector bundles

17:00-17:50 Alexandru Dimca (Nice) On two invariants of plane curves

Friday, January 10

9:15-10:05 Federica Galluzzi (Torino) Divisorial Correspondences of semi-abelian schemes

Coffee break

10:30-11:20 Fatmanur Yildirim (Nice) Fibers of multi-graded rational maps onto three dimensional projective space

11:30-12:20 Matteo Penegini (Genova) Tate and Mumford-Tate conjectures for surfaces of general type with p_g=q=2

Abstract of all the talks: pdf

Organisers : Cinzia Casagrande, Torino
Andreas Höring, Nice, email : hoering AT
Matteo Penegini, Genova