Salissou Moutari

Titre: Intersections Modelling with a class of ``second order'' models of
Vehicular Traffic Flow


In this talk, we present an extension of the work in [M. Herty and M. Rascle,
Coupling Conditions for a class of ``second order'' models for traffic flow,
SIMA 2006]. In contrast with this previous work, we propose a general
formulation for suitable coupling conditions at an intersection, without
imposing a fixed mixture principle. The solution conserves mass and
(pseudo-)momentum and additionally maximizes the total (mass) flux at an
intersection. This problem has been completely solved in the case of 1->2
(Diverge) and 2->1 (Merge) junctions. Furthermore this two simples cases of
merging and diverging junctions can be extended to more complex junctions, like