Excursion 1: Coastal Walk St Jean Cap Ferrat (<7 km walk, see the map and descriptions 1 2)

We will start our walk at Saint Jean [map], a lovely village placed on the east bank of Cap Ferrat. From there we’ll go onto a coastal footpath walk around the peninsula where we’ll see, among others, stunning views across to Nice, lots of beautiful vegetation and an old lighthouse.

There will not be a hired bus to get back to Nice. Participants can choose from a number options. For example, one can take a public bus or the coastal train back to Nice, stay on the peninsula and enjoy some of the local beaches, or go explore one of the nearby villages of Villefranche-sur-mer or Beaulieu-sur-Mer.

Practical info

This excursion is accessible by public transportation but we will also have a hired bus, only for the way out, leaving from the front gate of the Parc Valrose at 15:00. It will take up to 49 persons to Port de Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat. Some members of the Organizing Committee will lead people to the excursion by public transport.

Information on getting there and getting back with public transport

On the subject of buses, you can find a good description here: Best of Nice Blog

In particular, only bus 81 takes you all the way to Port de Saint-Jean and that is where you should get off. One can also take the train to Beaulieu-sur-Mer, and then take the bus 81 the rest of the way to Port de Saint-Jean.

The walk starts in Port de Saint Jean and it ends on the Plage Passable. From this beach one can

  • take the bus 81 on Avenue Denis Semeria (right above the beach). The stop is Passable/Rothschild;
  • cross the isthmus to come back to Port de Saint-Jean and
    • take the bus 81 from there;
    • walk on Promenade Maurice Rouvier along the coast to Beaulieu-sur-Mer or Villefranche-sur-Mer (about an extra 3km).

Excursion 2: Nice Observatory Visit (https://www.oca.eu/en/)

The 2-hour guided tour, using the forest trails (2 km trail) allows you to appreciate the beauty of the architectural and natural heritage of the Mont-Gros site as well as the exceptional panorama of the Baie des Anges.

You will discover the history of astronomy in connection with the history of the observatory. You will also learn how gravitational waves were detected, how a planet is formed, and understand the gigantic work of the Gaia satellite, which is currently recording positions of 1 billion stars. (Text taken from oca.eu)

Practical info

A hired bus will depart from Parc Valrose main entrance at 15:00. There will be a 2-hour guided tour, and the same bus will take you back to the Parc Valrose main entrance at the end of the excursion.

Excursion 3: Walked visit accross the Old City of Nice

The old town (called “la vielle ville” or “vieux Nice” by locals) is strategically placed beneath Colline du Château, which in English means “castle hill”. The old town is formed by a maze of streets and alleys, with many lovely houses, galleries, shops and more. Although it is a popular touristic destination, it is still a home for many local residents.

During your tour you will learn about the history of the town, about some of the prominant figures who grew up in Nice, as well as, about the history of the local fruit market the Cours Saleya, the baroque cathedral Sainte-Réparate, and more.

Practical info

The guided tour entitled “Nice, Baroque era” will start at 15:00 at Centre du Patrimoine, 14 Rue Jules Gilly. In order to get there you can take the tramway Line 1 and get off at the stop Opéra – Vieille Ville. The meeting point is a five-minute walk from the tram stop:

There will be a member of the Organizing Committee leaving from the main entrance of the Campus Valrose at 14:20.