Contributed talks

Ordered by submission date. The booklet of abstracts is available as a PDF here.

Author(s) Title Slides
Célia Borlido Difference hierarchies over lattices PDF
Laurent De Rudder and Georges Hansoul A Sahlqvist theorem for subordination algebras PDF
William Javier Zuluaga Botero and Diego Vaggione Pierce stalks in preprimal varieties PDF
Pavol Zlatos The Bohr compactification of an abelian group as a quotient of its Stone-Cech compactification PDF
Jan Paseka Completion of pseudo-orthomodular posets PDF
Peter Faul and Graham Manuell Artin glueings as semidirect products PDF
Rafal Gruszczynski and Andrzej Pietruszczak Some theorems concerning Grzegorczyk contact lattices PDF
Georgi Dimov, Elza Ivanova-Dimova and Walter Tholen Semi-reflective Extensions of Dualities PDF
John Harding and Frederik Lauridsen Hyper-MacNeille completions of Heyting algebras PDF
José Gil-Férez, Frederik Lauridsen and George Metcalfe A Glivenko theorem for lattice-ordered groups PDF
Peter Arndt Ranges of functors and elementary classes via topos theory PDF
Tristan Bice Nearness Posets PDF
Joseph Helfer 2-categorical structures in Grothendieck fibrations and first-order homotopical logic
Kentaro Yamamoto Correspondence, Canonicity, and Model Theory for Monotonic Modal Logics PDF
Ðorđe Baralić, Pierre-Louis Curien, Marina Milićević, Jovana Obradović, Zoran Petrić, Mladen Zekić and Rade Živaljević Proofs and surfaces PDF
Georgi Dimov and Elza Ivanova-Dimova Extensions of the Stone Duality to the category of zero-dimensional Hausdorff spaces PDF
Georgi Dimov, Elza Ivanova-Dimova and Walter Tholen Extensions of dualities and a new approach to de Vries’ Duality Theorem PDF
Rob Egrot Amalgamating poset extensions PDF
Guram Bezhanishvili, Nick Bezhanishvili, Joel Lucero-Bryan and Jan van Mill A new logic arising from a scattered Stone space PDF
Revaz Grigolia, Antonio Di Nola and Gaetano Vitale On the variety of Goedel-MV-algebras
Daniel Rogozin Quantale semantics for Lambek calculus with subexponentials PDF
Amanda Vidal Wandelmer and Ricardo Oscar Rodriguez Axiomatizing the crisp Gödel modal logic PDF
Amirhossein Akbar Tabatabai Predicative Implications: A Topological Approach PDF
Marco Abbadini, Vincenzo Marra and Luca Spada Norm complete abelian l-groups: topological duality PDF
Tatyana Ivanova Relational semantics for extended contact algebras PDF
Simon Docherty and David Pym Resource Reasoning in Duality-theoretic Form: Stone-type Dualities for Bunched and Separation Logics PDF
Gejza Jenča Colimits of effect algebras via a reflection PDF
Dimiter Vakarelov Point-free theories of space and time: a sort history, models and representation theory PDF
Peter Jipsen and Sara Vannucci From MV-semirings to Involutive semirings PDF
Francisco Avila, Guram Bezhanishvili, Patrick Morandi and Angel Zaldivar When is the frame of nuclei spatial: A new approach PDF
Luca Carai and Guram Bezhanishvili A temporal interpretation of intuitionistic quantifiers PDF
Ilya Shapirovsky Glivenko’s theorem, finite height, and local finiteness PDF
Miroslav Ploščica Topological representations of congruence lattices PDF
Anna Laura Suarez and Achim Jung The coproduct of frames as encoding d-frame structure PDF
John Harding and Chris Heunen Remarks on the Topos Approach to Quantum Mechanics
Marco Abbadini, Vincenzo Marra and Luca Spada Norm complete Abelian l-groups: equational axiomatization PDF
Tiziano Dalmonte, Charles Grellois and Nicola Olivetti Intuitionistic and classical non-normal modal logics: An embedding PDF
Pengfei He, Adam Přenosil and Constantine Tsinakis Twist products arising from residuated bimodules PDF
Peter Jipsen, Olim Tuyt and Diego Valota On the structure of finite (commutative) idempotent involutive residuated lattices PDF
Adriana Balan, Peter Jipsen and Alexander Kurz Enriched distributivity over finite commutative residuated lattices PDF
Umberto Rivieccio and Achim Jung Duality for two-sorted lattices PDF
Matthias Baaz and Norbert Preining Analysis of the Σ11-Fragment of First Order Gödel Logic extended with Propositional Quantifiers
Guram Bezhanishvili, Patrick Morandi and Bruce Olberding A generalization of Gelfand-Naimark-Stone duality to completely regular spaces PDF
Jorge Picado and Aleš Pultr Axiom T_D and the relation between sublocales and subspaces of a space PDF
Tommaso Moraschini, James Raftery and Jamie Wannenburg Singly generated quasivarieties and residuated structures PDF
Anneliese Schauerte and John Frith Partial frames PDF
Tommaso Moraschini and Jamie Wannenburg Epimorphisms in Varieties of Heyting Algebras PDF
Willem Conradie, Alessandra Palmigiano and Apostolos Tzimoulis Goldblatt-Thomason for LE-logics PDF
Giuseppe Greco, Peter Jipsen, Fei Liang, Alessandra Palmigiano and Apostolos Tzimoulis Algebraic proof theory for LE-logics PDF
Giuseppe Greco, Peter Jipsen, Alexander Kurz, M. Andrew Moshier, Alessandra Palmigiano and Apostolos Tzimoulis Nonclassical first order logics: semantics and proof theory PDF
John Baez and Christian Williams Enriched Lawvere Theories for Operational Semantics
Axel Osmond Overview and perspectives of the general construction of spectra PDF
Almudena Colacito Orders on Groups: an Approach through Spectral Spaces PDF
Rajab Aghamov and Andrey Kudinov Product of neighborhood frames with additional common modality. PDF
Graham Manuell The spectrum of a localic semiring PDF
Sam Adam-Day, Nick Bezhanishvili, David Gabelaia and Vincenzo Marra Polyhedral Completeness of Intermediate and Modal Logics PDF
Sławomir Kost Projective unification in NExt(K4) PDF
Peter Jipsen Partially ordered varieties of involutive residuated posets PDF
Wesley Fussner On non-distributive lattices with involution
Saul Fernandez Gonzalez, Alexandru Baltag and Nick Bezhanishvili Generic Models for Topological Evidence Logics PDF
Stefano Bonzio, Michele Pra Baldi and Diego Valota Counting finite involutive bisemilattices
Nick Bezhanishvili and Tim Henke The van Benthem characterisation theorem for descriptive models PDF
Guillaume Massas B-frame Representations for Complete Lattices PDF
Luca Reggio Axiomatising categories of spaces: the case of compact Hausdorff spaces PDF
Luigi Santocanale and Maria João Gouveia Mix -autonomous quantales and the continuous weak order PDF
Tatsuji Kawai Presenting de Groot duality of stably compact spaces by entailment relations PDF
Giovanni Marco Martino Frege’s Basic Law V via Partial Orders PDF
Petr Cintula and Carles Noguera Completeness properties in abstract algebraic logic PDF
Zofia Kostrzycka From intuitionism to Brouwer’s modal logic PDF
Zuzana Hanikova Computing the validity degree in Łukasiewicz logic PDF
Nikolaos Galatos and Gavin St. John Undecidabilty methods for residuated lattices PDF
Willem Conradie, Andrew Craig, Alessandra Palmigiano and Nachoem Wijnberg The logic of categories and informational entropy PDF
Michael Andrew Moshier, Rick Ball and Ales Pultr Exact and Fitter Sublocales PDF
Lurdes Sousa and Walter Tholen Order-enriched solid functors PDF
Daniyar Shamkanov On global algebraic completeness of the Godel-Lob provability logic PDF
Valentin Shehtman Simplicial semantics and one-variable fragments of modal predicate logics PDF
Jinsheng Chen, Giuseppe Greco, Alessandra Palmigiano and Apostolos Tzimoulis Semantic analysis and proof theory for monotone modal logic PDF
Anvar Nurakunov and Michał Stronkowski The undecidability of profiniteness PDF
Giuseppe Greco, Apostolos Tzimoulis and Michael Moortgat Proof theory and semantics for structural control PDF
Igor Sedlar Two Approaches to Substructural Modal Logic PDF
Marta Bilkova Towards completeness of logics of information and common belief PDF
Luigi Santocanale Decidability of the equational theory of the natural join and inner union PDF
Sara Ugolini and Nikolaos Galatos Gluing residuated lattices PDF
Vincenzo Marra and Matias Menni A topos for piecewise-linear geometry, and its logic PDF
David Gabelaia, Levan Uridia, Mamuka Jibladze and Evgeny Kuznetsov Characterization of flat polygonal logics PDF
Sina Hazratpour and Steve Vickers Comprehension bicategories and fibrations of toposes PDF
Jim de Groot Lifting functors from Pos to Pries PDF
Dana Salounova, Jan Kuhr and Jiri Rachunek Derivations on bounded pocrims and MV-algebras with product PDF
Isar Stubbe Divisibility and diagonals PDF
Cameron Calk, Eric Goubault and Philippe Malbos Time-reversal homotopical properties of concurrent systems PDF
Brett McLean Free Kleene algebras with domain PDF
Ganna Kudryavtseva Stone dualities between étale categories and restriction semigroups PDF