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Abstract: Rational curves are a the simplest kind of (eventually singular) subvarieties one may look for in a given variety. Their existence would definitely make the difference between various geometric phenomena that some usual coarse numerical invariants wouldn't distinguish. For instance, two-dimensional algebraic tori (which can be understood through an algebraic-group-theoretic approach) and projective K3 surfaces (whose rich geometry involves notably intersection theory and quadratic forms) are both surfaces with trivial canonical bundle. Nonetheless, the former never contain any rational curve, whereas the latter, if singular, always do.

I'll explain the main ideas of the proof of this last statement about K3 surfaces (introducing a bit of Mori theory), and paste this result into the more general framework of higher dimensional varieties with trivial canonical bundle, among which Calabi-Yau varieties would play a major role.
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Orateur : Cécile Gachet
Titre (Thèse / HDR) : Looking for rational curves in singular Calabi-Yau varieties
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Ressource : Laboratoire J.A.Dieudonné - Salle 2
Date de début : 13:30 - mercredi 11 décembre 2019
Durée : 2 heure(s)
Date de fin : 15:30 - mercredi 11 décembre 2019
Type : Séminaire
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